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The School

EduFun4Kids is located in Ruimsig. The physical address is 181 Hole-in-One Avenue, Ruimsig. It is directly opposite the Ruimsig Country Club.

A pan handle driveway offers access to the school grounds. The school building is situated in the middle of the property. Our school has the facilities of a modern school. It is well furnished, has airy bright coloured classrooms. There are two large playground areas with jungle gym equipment. The school has a swimming pool (fenced off and secured).

Uniqueness of our schoolUniqueness of our school


One of the important aims at EduFun4Kids is to provide a stimulating, educative, happy environment where the child can learn and become prepared for the foundation phase irrespective of which school they will attend.

Parents are welcome to sit in on a lesson provided they have made the necessary arrangements with the administrator and educator. Should some parents desire to offer help with story -/ play -/baking time it would be most welcome.

The baby class (6 weeks-12 months) has a qualified educator with the necessary number of assistants to assist. Stimulation is provided through the Praktica programme and think boxes.

Each baby will have their own cot. A routine schedule is required from the parents so as not to disrupt their home daily routines. The baby’s play and sleep areas are monitored by CCTV.

When solids are introduced age appropriate vegetables and fruit will be prepared daily. Parents are most welcome to provide their choice of solids for the little ones.

Toddlers (1-3 years) each have their own stackable bed. Parents are required to send a blanket and pillow with for their child. All articles must clearly be marked.

Computer literacy forms part of the curriculum. Should you require private tutoring for computer literacy it can be arranged with an external educator at an additional cost.

We are open from early January to mid-December.